The Download With My Favorite Digital Native

aveenowithout name

What device wakes you up in the morning?
No device, no alarm. My mom pats me awake.

Are you the inbox-zero type when it comes to email?
Since I am 6 years old, I am not allowed to have an email account.

How do you communicate with relatives who live far away?
I Skype with them. I also have other fans and followers. They are online.

You have a favorite website?
Oh yes– that HAS to be
I create my own games there. I put in a lot of 3D effects. They are multiplayer games, so my friend Isaac can play with me. You should go to my game “CONQUER THAT!” and favorite it. I keep creating new ones all the time.

I will favorite them all for you. Tell me, what’s one gadget you cannot live without?
My iPad, of course. And it has to be 100% charged when you hand it to me. Not 97% or 98% — it is just not the same thing. I don’t get mad if it’s less than 100% but…

Hmm … OK. How do you unplug?
I prefer not to. But there are times when I am grounded – that means no iPad/TV/computer.

Where do you watch your favorite shows?
I watch my favorite shows on television. My favorite channel is the Cartoon Network; my favorite show is Teen Titans Go. When I am grounded, I try to get my sister’s iPhone and watch my shows.

What was the last tech tool you became a fan of?
Amazon’s Echo. Alexa – she plays my favorite songs for me.
4. IT’S ME
I also ask Alexa some math questions: like this problem 312+312. I know the answer is 624, but I ask just to make sure. Sometimes I ask her stuff like “How big is your butt?” but she doesn’t answer those questions. She just says — “that’s not nice.”

What is your favorite toy?
MIP, the balancing robot. I could control it with my dad’s cellphone. One time, I made it go right up to my neighbor’s house and knock on the door. Now, the toy won’t work. We changed the battery, but it still won’t work.

Sorry to hear that! Heard any good jokes lately?
Oh Yes! “Yo’ mama is so stupid, she went to the dentist to get a blue tooth.”

What’s on your tech wish list/what do you want Santa to bring you?
Alexa helped me make my list for Santa. What’s on it:
I will be adding more stuff close to Christmas.
You can check back with me later.

I would also wish for a robot servant which will give me whatever I want.

Sounds like you want a genie, not a robot servant, but you are not getting either any time soon, so it doesn’t matter. Nice talking to you…

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