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A Day in The Life Of Mr.Crepe

When I was a harried graduate student, I barely noticed the people at the cafe. I would pay for my fuel with small change, fill my to-go cup to the brim and leave. Now that I spend time there, one thing is apparent: Every morning, the baristas (the best of them) do more than hand customers their coffee. With a few pleasant words, they ensure that each customer is off to a good start that day. Photographer Kelly Creedon captured the quotidian drama of this […]

Discovering Afghan Cuisine A World Away

I grew up in India, but it was at restaurants in the United States that I came to know and love the food of my old neighbor, Afghanistan. So I was dismayed when my friend Ashok had the opportunity, but not the inclination, to learn more about Afghan cuisine firsthand. This is a piece I did for NPR’s Kitchen Window – you will find the article with recipes here.