The Making of a Madras Calendar

Why are we writing about a 2010 calendar this late in the year? There is an explanation for the utter lack of timeliness, but the fact is it doesn’t matter. Because to think of Indian-Bred 2010 as a mere calendar would be to miss the point. This is a work […]

Hippocampus Writes a New Chapter for Children’s Libraries

In 1998, Umesh Malhotra, then an employee of Infosys Technologies, did a year-long consulting stint in the United States. He lived in the Bay Area of California with his wife and then-five year old son. The book-loving couple was drawn to the local public library; in particular, they liked the […]

First Female Desi Student in the U.S ? First Female Desi Student in the U.S ?

Why would an Indian woman go so far away for medical school? Because it was the best way to serve her country. That was the gist of the answer given by Anandibai Joshi—in 1883. Before a packed house in Bengal’s Serampore College, with an audience that included the American Consul General, […]

Meterpodu : A Work in Progress Meterpodu : A Work in Progress

Once upon a time, auto rickshaws in Madras had functioning meters, so the legend goes.Asking the auto drivers to turn on that boxy contraption today is like committing a small crime. The unrevised, state-fixed fare is blatantly unfair to these men in khaki. But pay the arbitrary sum they demand […]

Accounting For Taste

In Singapore, the pasar melam – the roadside market – comes alive well after sunset. Tiny lights strung up on make-shift store fronts give the outdoor shopping scene a festive air. Lychees, mangosteens, rambutans and other tropical fruit are on display in the fruit stalls, but one formidable-looking fruit holds it its […]