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What Is Desi Mentality – Life of Dr.Desi

What Is Desi Mentality – Life of Dr.Desi by Ramesh Mahadevan Warning : Dr Roy, Please hit ‘n’ now! WARNING: Any kind of stereotyping is bad and uncivilized, we are told. But most of us have conjured up an abstract concept called the ‘desi mentality’ that seems to exist out there. While reading the rest of this post, you must remember that ‘desis’, like the designer underwear, come in all shapes, sizes, colors and moral bents. Mister, rather Dr. Desi, is an embodiment of ‘desi […]

My Aunt, the Matunga Mami

It is more than a year since Ramesh Mahadevan passed away. I am so afraid some day his writings will vanish too. So I am going to put up the best of his writing on my site unless it violates some law or the other. To newbies who never knew RM and will never have a chance to meet the man – just enjoy his writing. It stands the test of time. My Aunt, The Matunga Maami by Ramesh Mahadevan “Mr. Mahadevan Ramesh, I have […]