Women enter the workforce the same time as men but they typically take some time off during their child-bearing years. Instead of being allowed to stay on longer to compensate, they have to step down sooner in China. Women scientists retire at 55, while men retire at 60. I can’t […]


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The Rooster Sauce Guy The Rooster Sauce Guy

A food writer based in southern California, Randy Clemens is best known as the author of The Sriracha Cookbook. This 2011 cookbook is dedicated to cooking with a southeast Asian sauce named after its Thai town of origin, Si Racha. In the U.S., the chile-and-garlic sauce is frequently referred to […]

Mobile Stethoscope for Diagnosing Lung Disease Mobile Stethoscope for Diagnosing Lung Disease

A team from MIT has built a  mobile stethoscope:  Plug  it into a smartphone and the companion app transforms the device into a low-cost diagnostic tool, which health workers and non-specialist physicians can use to diagnose lung disease. Diseases of the lungs — such as pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, […]

The Making of Life In the Death Zone The Making of Life In the Death Zone

Starting in the early 1970s, two German boys—one from the East, one from the West—with binoculars around their necks spent their teenage years pacing either side of the insurmountable Iron Curtain, the “death zone,” looking for birds. Today, the former pen pals are striving to transform the no-man’s-land into a […]