Deciphering History One Coin At a Time

“Mein tumhe futti cowdie be naa dungi” or “mere jeb me 5 futti cowdie be nahin hain aur mein 5 lakh ka sauda kar raha hun” Ever wondered about these “futti cowdie” dialogues in the Hindi movies. Apparently,  cowrie shells were used as coins in eastern India not too long […]


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The Rooster Sauce Guy The Rooster Sauce Guy

A food writer based in southern California, Randy Clemens is best known as the author of The Sriracha Cookbook. This 2011 cookbook is dedicated to cooking with a southeast Asian sauce named after its Thai town of origin, Si Racha. In the U.S., the chile-and-garlic sauce is frequently referred to […]

A single escaped organism is all it’ll take… A single escaped organism is all it’ll take…

Evolutionary engineer Kevin Esvelt, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, works with gene drives, engineered bits of DNA that can cause a mutation to become heritable all the time. He calls for researchers to create and use safe lab procedures while working with this powerful but potentially risky […]

A Numismatist of Note A Numismatist of Note

Here is how a several centuries-old coin may rewrite a key chapter in the history of ancient India: In 1851, a hoard of gold coins issued by kings from the Gupta dynasty was unearthed near the holy city of Varanasi, in northern India. The Guptas, who ruled from the 4th […]