I am a graduate of the Science Journalism program at Boston University.

I chase stories on all topics of interest and go where the reporting takes me. This website is a digital portfolio of select articles and essays. Follow me on twitter. You can also write to at vijeejournalistATgmail.


Growing Mushrooms in New England Growing Mushrooms in New England

“The lion’s mane does not like to be dripped on,” Julia Coffey informs me, “so it sits on the top shelf of this greenhouse.” The founder of Mycoterra Farm, a leading small-scale, year-round mushroom farm in Massachusetts, knows exactly what makes her edible fungi tick. When she first started bringing […]

The Whale Watcher The Whale Watcher

Asha de Vos is fascinated by pygmy blue whales, which feed, breed and calve off Sri Lanka’s southern coast, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. A TED Fellow and National Geographic Explorer, the marine-mammal researcher works to protect the subspecies and is using her US$150,000 fellowship from the Pew […]

My Friend from Islamabad My Friend from Islamabad

Summer vacation never meant days off for international graduate students in the United States but in those warm months we could take longer-than-usual coffee breaks without feeling guilty. Pocket Park, our campus coffee shop, was a tiny glass house wedged into the farthest corner of this small, open-air hangout. Tables, […]