Google Glass and Poison Treatment

With toxin coursing through their veins, patients, who come in for poison treatment, are often in an altered mental state. They cannot tell the physician on duty, who typically is not an expert in poisons, what went wrong. So what happens next? For most physicians evaluating a potentially poisoned patient, […]


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The Rooster Sauce Guy The Rooster Sauce Guy

A food writer based in southern California, Randy Clemens is best known as the author of The Sriracha Cookbook. This 2011 cookbook is dedicated to cooking with a southeast Asian sauce named after its Thai town of origin, Si Racha. In the U.S., the chile-and-garlic sauce is frequently referred to […]

One scan to detect clots could replace many One scan to detect clots could replace many

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have invented a new molecular probe which, upon injection into a vein, will travel through the body and find blood clots wherever they are present. Peter Caravan, director of the Institute for Innovation in Imaging at MGH, presented his team’s findings at the 250th National Meeting & […]

The Making of Life In the Death Zone The Making of Life In the Death Zone

Starting in the early 1970s, two German boys—one from the East, one from the West—with binoculars around their necks spent their teenage years pacing either side of the insurmountable Iron Curtain, the “death zone,” looking for birds. Today, the former pen pals are striving to transform the no-man’s-land into a […]